"This is such an amazing program! Keep it up!" ~Kristina L.

"I love what all these kids are getting out of this program! Kuddos to all who make this possible!" ~Alice N.

"The BIO Girls and their fearless leaders are AWESOME! So many people are proud of you....including me!" ~Jeff S.

"It was so amazing watching all of those girls work so hard! I am very proud of all of them! Thank you to all who helped these little ladies accomplish something a lot of people don't even attempt. They are all a BIG inspiration!" ~Stacey G.

"Great program. Great event. Thanks to all the mentors." ~Bill S.


"My daughter loves being a Bio Girl and it has improved her perseverance and goal setting skills each year. The sponsor's investment and Missy's leadership and vision make a positive impact each week for these young ladies!" ~Laura S. 


"My two granddaughters are so excited to be in BIOGirls!" ~Teresa G.

"Was a very proud moment for me and I'm sure all the parents to see my(our) daughters pushing and working so hard and having such a good time . Great job coaches for getting all of them to that point of confidence and fitness." ~Brian S.

"What a fantastic program. My girls have really enjoyed being a part of BIOGirls. Thank you to all that have made this program a success!" ~Stephanie A. 

"You know they had a great time, when they come home and want to run up and down the stairs 15x for fun!" ~Hope F.

"Ellie had so much fun and can't wait until next week!" ~Karlye R.

"What an amazing day! A huge thank you to all who came and ran and volunteered!! Through your efforts the special Olympians like Jaxson will get bus services and hotel rooms on overnight trips. Thank you thank you thank you!!!" ~ Susan R.

Program Feedback