Every girl needs reassurance. Every girl benefits from a positive role model. Every girl should dream big. Every girl deserves to know they are unique. Every girl should believe they are Beautiful Inside and Out.

To date, nearly 500 girls have participated in the BIO Girls program and have experienced the inclusive, supported environment offered by the program.  With each new BIO Girls site, we can provide the skills needed to navigate adolescence and a boost in confidence for 35 additional elementary-aged girls. 

  • Select a local 5K race that would serve as the capstone event for your season. The finale of the 12-week program is an already established 5K in your community. (Note: Site Directors don''t have to be 'awesome' runners.)
  • Solidify a weekly meeting location. Site must have indoor space large enough for 50 bodies and for an indoor workout if necessary (not necessarily running).  It must also be large enough to allow 10   small group conversations to happen comfortably.  
  • Secure adult mentors. The success of BIO Girls is directly related to the ability of your mentors to relate to young girls.  Each site requires 10-11 mentors, not including the site director, to serve as mentors/small group leaders.  These mentors must be willing to commit to attending the 12 weekly sessions and running the 5K race with their group.
  • Secure funds to cover BIO Girls annual fee of $3,500. The site director is responsible for raising the funds to cover the fee. Donations are tax deductible and a sponsorship letter template will be provided. Excess funds raised in a fiscal year do not carry over to the following year. Instead they are applied to the general fund to help with expansion opportunities and support the core mission of the program.
  • Know, understand and represent the BIO Girls mission:  “BIO Girls empowers adolescent girls to be kind, confident and grateful through Christian-based life skills curriculum, supportive mentoring and ​ physical fitness.” 
  • Represent BIO Girls with integrity to maintain its solid reputation.  

Site Expansion

A passion for the development of young girls, a desire to give back to the community and strong organization skills are the top traits of successful BIO Girls Site Directors. We equip you with the information and operational support necessary to allow you to focus on the mission. 

Site Director Responsibilities

General Information

  • BIO Girls is a 12-week program with the curriculum and running workouts provided to Site Directors.
  • BIO Girls is a program for girls in grades 2-6. Maximum registration is 35 girls per site.
  • BIO Girls curriculum is copyrighted and unique to the program. It includes topics such as defining real beauty, nutrition, goal setting, stress management and more. One standard each year is a service project within the community, chosen by each Site Director.
  • BIO Girls weekly sessions are 1 hour 30 minutes in length and include a large group lesson, small group immersion and physical activity (primarily running).
  • The BIO Girls season culminates with the running of a local 5K race.
  • BIO Girls participants receive a BIO Girls t-shirt and the 5K race registration fee paid. 
Expansion Details

Are you ready to explore the opportunity to bring BIO Girls to your community?  Fill out the form below and we will be in touch to answer your questions and determine if it's a good fit. Completing the form below is not a commitment on behalf of either party.