The vision of BIO Girls is to impact as many girls as possible through our positive, encouraging program helping each and every girl to understand she is valuable, strong, smart and loved. If you are a professional working with children and have identified a girl that could benefit from BIO Girls, please refer them into our program. Prior to referring a participant, please review the Referral FAQ below. To initiate a referral, complete this online form.  Referrals accepted into the BIO Girls program will receive a full scholarship.  

We look forward to working with you to ensure our girls have the confidence to be themselves!

If you have any questions, please contact Missy at

Professional Referral



What does BIO Girls stand for?
BIO stands for Beautiful Inside and Out.  We want all girls to believe they are beautiful inside and out.

What is the mission of BIO Girls?
To help 2nd – 6th grade girls build confidence and learn life skills.

What does BIO Girls Entail?
BIO Girls uses a three-pronged approach to building self-esteem in girls:

  1. Life-Skills lessons focused on Self-Image and Empowerment, Health and Wellness, Servant Leadership, Healthy Relationships, Kindness and Compassion
  2. Small-Group Mentoring – a ratio of one adult mentor to 3 participants allows mentors to form a relationship with the participants and serve as a positive role model.
  3. Physical Activity – primarily in the form of running.  Running is used as a tool to allow the girls to experience a series of successes through physical activity.

How long has BIO Girls been around?
BIO Girls is a West Fargo, ND based non-profit serving girls throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.  The program was created in 2013 and became an official 501c3 in September 2015.

What is the time commitment for the program?
Each site meets weekly for 90 minutes over the course of 12 weeks.  There are also at-home workouts to complete as a part of the program.  Each program concludes with the running of a local 5K race.

Where are BIO Girls sites?
In 2018, we expect to have 20 sites throughout the Fargo-Moorhead region; six within the metro area.  Please refer to our Locations Page for more details.

How many girls have participated in BIO Girls?
To date, we have had over 700 girls participate in BIO Girls.  In 2018, we will double that number!

What types of girls should I refer?
BIO Girls focuses on improving self-esteem in girls.  We believe ALL girls can benefit from the program, however, we suggest referring girls who show behaviors consistent with low self-esteem: disordered eating, wellness issues, trouble with friends, depression, and anxiety.  While we are all inclusive, BIO Girls is facilitated by a group of volunteers so skilled resources to deal with severe mental health or behavioral issues are not available. 

How do I refer a participant?
Complete the referral form with permission/agreement from the parent/guardian.  This triggers BIO Girls to work with the parent/guardian to apply for placement at one of our sites.  

How many participants can I refer?
Each BIO Girls site has a roster of 35 girls.  BIO Girls is reserving 3 participant roster spots for referrals at each BIO Girls site.  In 2018, we will have 18 referral roster spots available in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area; a total of 60 across the region.  Even if referral roster spots have been filled, girls can register and request a scholarship through the registration process (which is what we hope!). 

Who do I contact if I have questions about the referral process?
You can contact Missy Heilman, BIO Girls Executive Director at 701-200-3953 or

How can I get involved in BIO Girls?
Each site is facilitated by a passionate volunteer who believes in our mission.  Supporting the Site Director are 10 adults who serve as mentors.  There are additional volunteer opportunities available.  For a full overview of volunteer opportunities please visit our Volunteers Page.

Are volunteers screened?
Yes, BIO Girls volunteers all complete an application process and background check before they are offered the opportunity to volunteer with our program.

Can I bring BIO Girls to my community?
Absolutely.  The more sites we have, the more girls we can reach.  You can view the site expansion details.  If you have questions please contact Angie Will at